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Review | HerStyler's Titanium Digital Violet Straightener

So, let me just start this post by saying -- what used to take 45+ minutes is now done in just TEN and as a mom that's pressed for time, I call that a win

I don't usually straighten my hair because the very act of straightening my hair has always taken me a longer time that curling my naturally wavy thick hair. When HerStyler contacted me through Shopping Links to try one of their hairstyling product -- I almost played it safe and chose a curler.

But on a whim, I chose a straightener and started hoping for the best! When I received the blogger mail, I was nervous because my hair has been trying to cope with all the postpartum hair loss having a baby brought about.

My hair is growing, but that means having a thick mane up top and a lot of fly aways -- this straightener was definitely a risk. However, when I opted to actually straighten my hair with the Titanium Digital Violet  Straightener, I was pleasantly surprised!

It gets the job done in a matter of minutes. I love that the tool itself heats up super fast, so you're not waiting a long time for the tool to actually heat up! Once it's hot enough to use, I apply some heat protectant oil that HerStyler so kindly gifted me and then I style! What's great about the oil is that it doesn't leave your hair greasy -- instead it gives you a beautiful shine and hair that is super soft to the touch.

I find myself needing to do only two strokes with this straightener to get the soft sleek look I'm going for which makes the process seem like a breeze! I'm so glad I decided to walk the line and choose this tool because I no longer have to avoid straightening my hair -- all thanks to HerStyler!

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