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Quote of the Month | July

Hello everyone.

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th / long holiday weekend and are enjoying the remaining days of summer.

This month's quote is something that I am going to try to do more often.

At the beginning of the year, I had all these goals that I wanted to accomplish. Half the year has passed by and I'm over here feeling like I've been slacking -- with everything.

So here's to starting things and having the will power to see them through! I mean honestly, who wants to be the person that started the year off with a list of resolutions and then wake up in December realizing that you haven't accomplished a single one? The very thought just makes me shudder.

I really hope that I can pull through -- it's now or never.


Simplylynnblogxo said...

Love this Marta! I need to kick it in high gear!

Unknown said...

What a great quote! I used to be great at executing but since I had Teagan, I've got quite a few unfinished projects!

Coloryourhealth said...

Amen to that! This is my motto of the month too after moving and putting all my desires and to do lists on the backburner!

Nicole said...

I am in the same boat as you are!! I just need to focus and just work!

Presentfullmama said...

Love the energy and positivity! You've got this mama!

Reg said...

Ahh Marta. You just reminded me to reevaluate ❤️ Thank you!

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