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Review | Cheempo :: Monkeying Around -- For A Good Cause!

If you're anything like me, you don't always look for products that support a cause, but even so, you do feel a sense of excitement when you find something that you love and then realize they also stand behind a case. It's nice to know that you're channeling your money into someplace that enjoys giving back.

That's what Cheempo is all about -- he's probably the cutest plush monkey you ever did see and the fact that he gives back to his fellow chimpanzees makes him that much more lovable.

Cheempo was created by Nima World (a company that constitutes a paradigm shift in the way of displaying animals through amazing audiovisual technologies.) Their main mission is "to convey great values such as empathy, respect for animals and the protection of biodiversity to children," and that is why Nima World has come up with Nima Kids

Nima Kids produces animation series, videogames and merchandise (soft toys, tshirts, infant bodysuits, etc.) of cartoon characters representing endangered species animals. Cheempo the monkey is the first character created in this series of products. Cheempo the toy is based on a real chimpanzee of the same name who lives in the forests of Senegal, Africa. Every Cheempo product sold helps to protect chimpanzees and 50% of the profits are donated to the Spanish sector of the Jane Goodall Institute. 

How awesome is that?!

When we opened up the package from Nima Kids and Felix saw his Cheempo toys for the very first time, he let out a shriek of delight and instantly started grabbing for them. They're the first plush toys he's actually fond of and doesn't loose interest in quickly which makes me one happy mama! I'm always grabbing Cheempo when we go out and are in the car because he is smitten with his little monkey.

If Cheempo's cuteness isn't enough, then the interactive app that comes with it will definitely top the cake for you! As a mom, I always love when a product comes with an educational feature because who doesn't love tools to help broaden and expand your child's perspective and world view?! The tags that come attached to Cheempo are used by the app to give him a virtual habitat and you can feed him bananas. While Felix is to small to play himself, he loves watching me play and I'm sure that this tool will come in handy down the road.


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If you'd like to purchase your very own Cheempo, go to the Nima Kids Shop and then use the code :: martalarissa for a discount at check out. 


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Simplylynnblogxo said...

He loves it! I love companies that give back! I need to look into this! Thanks girl!

Kailyn said...

How awesome is that?! I love hearing about companies that give back. He obviously loves it.

Nicole said...

What a great toy, with a great cause!!! I need to check them out!

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