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Review | Lessy Messy Diaper Changing Mat

Changing a baby when you're out and about can be a such hassle -- germs everywhere, yuck! I've always avoided changing my little one in public places because those changing tables in the restrooms are super hard and they don't provide any time of towel to cover up the plastic. I'm not a normally a germ-a-phobe, but public changing tables really gross me out.

If I've ever changed my little one anywhere, it was in the back seat of my car, but most of the time, I'd just waited until I got home. When I received the Lessy Messy Diaper Changing Mat, that all changed.

The first thing I did was throw the mat in the wash because that's what the packaging told me to do. I washed it with Dreft: Active Baby liquid detergent and the mat really absorbed the smell which I thought was great. The packaging stated it was washer and dryer safe which I can attest to. I didn't change any of my settings on my washer and dryer. To my surprise, the mat came out the same way it went in -- soft and the same size.

After it was clean, I set out to test out the following claims I read on the packaging:

  1. Absorbent
  2. Leak Proof

Here's What I Did To Test Those Claims. I took a bottle of water and spilled a bit on the corner. I then proceeded to spill more water in the middle of mat. I also changed my son on it because it is a changing mat after all.

Verdict. I thought the mat did exactly what it claimed to do. It absorbed the water and there was no leakage, so that makes it 100% accurately advertised. I really liked the fact that even though I spilled a decent amount of water on the mat, it didn't get the other side wet which was my biggest concern after I saw the wet spot. I thought the back would be wet too since the front looked soaked.
When I changed my little one on the mat, he seemed to really enjoy the pretty polka dots which I thought was pretty cute.  It's soft mat, so my little guy wasn't bothered by it when hi skin was touching it.

The mat is 20 in. x 30 in. which makes it a decent size. I prefer placing the changing mat vertically when I'm at home and horizontally when I'm using a changing table in public.

I checked out the Lessy Messy website and found out that they sell even larger mats -- score! They have mats for your trunk, for gardening and for outdoor events which is pretty cool. If I could give Lessy Messy any advice, it would be to enlist in more patterns and designs because as of right now, their site is showcasing only three -- the polka dots, plaid, and a colorful letter + shapes design.

I've really grown to love this mat and it's definitely become a diaper bag staple! It's made changing my little guy when I'm not home an option and it's made life a little bit easier -- I'm happy to report that I no longer fear the bed being peed on when he's on this mat. It's really a great product that all mamas should have whether it be in your diaper bag, in your car or on your changing table.

  I received the Lessy Messy Changing Mat free of charge in exchange for a review.
However, this review is my own personal & honest opinion.
This review was not influenced by the fact that I received the mat for free.

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Sarah said...

Sounds like an amazing product. I will have to check that out.

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