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How To Clean Your Beauty Blender & Make Up Brushes

If you do your make up, you'll know how dirty and messy the methods of application can be. In this post, I thought we'd talk about how to clean your beauty blenders and make up brushes because personal hygiene is super important -- especially when we're referring to your skin! Cleaning your tools will prevent rashes, redness, break outs and even infection!

Beauty Blender. For those of you who don't know what a beauty blender is, it's an egg like sponge which are used for applying foundation and contouring. The good news is that you don't have to buy a new beauty blender after each time you use one because they are easily sanitized.

To sanitize your beauty blender regularly, you can combine warm water with hand soap or shampoo. If you have sensitive skin, you should look for products that are organic or are gentle for the skin because the blender will absorb the product and it could irritate your skin. After you mix the soap and water, submerge the blender in the mixture and let it absorb some of the water by squeezing it a couple of times. Leave the blender in the soapy mixture for about half an hour, but make sure there is enough soapy water to cover the sponge. You'll notice that the color of the water will start to change -- that's because all the foundation and powder from your beauty blender is slowly dissolving. Keep an eye on your blender during this time and make sure to add more water if needed.

After 30 minutes have passed, dump the soapy water and rinse your beauty blender with warm water and squeeze until the water is clear. When you're done with the rinsing, get a paper towel and wrap the sponge, squeezing it to get the excess water out. Place your beauty blender in an airy location where it can fully dry.

Another thing you can do when you need to clean your beauty blender is do a quick wash. For this method you need blendercleanser solid or ivory soap -- scented or non depending on how sensitive your skin is. Turn your water to as hot as you can bear it and soak your beauty blender in the water until the sponge is fully wet. Grab your soap and your blender and rub them together for 5 seconds and rinse. Repeat this cycle until the rinsing water is clear.

You can purchase the blender cleanser solid online at: Sephora, Amazon, and, but if you're not willing to spend $16+ on the cleanser, then an ivory soap bar will do the same job without breaking the bank.

While these two methods are to be used every time after you've used the beauty blender sponge, the sponge should also be deep cleaned and disinfected at least once a month. It is crucial to do this because the sponge becomes a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

To disinfect the beauty blender sponge, first thoroughly wet it and place it a bowl of water. Take that bowl and place it in the microwave -- please make sure the sponge is wet before you place it in the microwave or you may start a fire. Again, the beauty blender sponge needs to be wet before being placed in the microwave. Run the microwave for 30 seconds to "bake the sponge," but make sure you don't leave the room and watch the process. If you notice smoke, stop the microwave immediately!

After you remove the bowl from the  microwave, let the beauty blender cool down for a couple of minutes then dry the sponge with a paper towel to the best of your ability and leave in an airy location to fully dry before using it again.

Make-Up Brushes. Cleaning your brushes isn't as complicated as cleaning your beauty blender. You should clean your brushes daily, and then at the end of the week (or every two weeks at the latest) do a deep cleaning.

Make-up cleaning spray is a good way to clean your brushes daily. To clean, you spray your brush generously and then take a tissue or paper towel rubbing your brush clean. There are many sprays on the market, so your biggest dilemma in this process will be choosing which one to buy.

Another way to quickly clean your make up brushes is to use the EcoTools Makeup Brush Cleansing Cloths. These cloths save you time because you don't have to waste time spraying the brush or finding a tissue/paper towel. You just take it out of the package and start to clean your brush! 

While the cloths are super convenient when you are short on time,  I personally think that the sprays are much more efficient at cleaning the brushes because you can spray as much as you want and repeat the process as much as you need to. If you're like me, you spray 4 to 5 times, rub a good minute and then repeat that cycle at least one more time! A brush can never be too clean!

To deep clean your brush, you need running hot water and the blender cleanser solid (the same one we used for the beauty blender sponge), but don't fret -- you can substitute ivory soap  once again!

Wet your brushes, lather it in the blender cleanser solid (or ivory soap) and then rinse. Repeat. Do this until the water runs clear.

Another tool you can implement in this process is the "brushegg." The brushegg is a small silicone glove called that has ridges on one side. To use this glove,  you lather your brush in the cleanser or soap, when you get a good amount of cleanser, you take it to the glove and rub against it under warm/hot running water. This way the brush is getting heat as well as friction to dissolve and remove left over make up embedded in your brush.

You can buy this brush on Amazon -- as there are several brands that are selling it. I opted to buy the 1$ because in my opinion they are all the same. I've seen heart shapes and mats that have the same concept which you can buy online, but those are more expensive. If you're about the aesthetic appeal of your cleaning products, you may want to consider all your options.

After you wash your brushes, leave them on a towel to air dry and then you're ready to beautify yourself once again!

If you use these steps when cleaning your beauty blender sponges and make up brushes, you'll be doing your skin a major favor. There's nothing better than a healthy skin and to have healthy skin, we need to make sure that the products and tools we are using are safe!

How do you clean your make up products? Do you have any favorite beauty tool cleansers?
I'd love to hear about it -- leave me a comment below!



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