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Unboxing | EcoTools VoxBox

It's time for an unboxing post! I got this complimentary box from Influenster last week and it was filled with products! 

I started Influenster last month and have been pretty active on there -- I've already written about 240 reviews. I really love it because you can give your honest opinion all while seeing other perspectives on products and brands! It's also nice that they reward you with a voxbox -- a box filled with complimentary products of brands that they want you to try and then go review on their site and share on social media. The more reviews you write, the more eligible you become to get that free voxbox. 

I also love the fact that you can ask and answer questions about products, compile lists in your profile as well as unlock badges. The badges are organized by category -- for example, I just unlocked the Beauty Queen badge because I reviewed a bunch of my favorite make up products! 

Influenster is a lot of fun, I highly recommend making a profile and writing reviews because who doesn't like sharing their opinion and periodically getting rewarded for it?!

The VoxBox had 4 things inside of it, all by the brand EcoTools
1. Full Powder Brush
2.  6 Piece Starter Collection
3. Perfecting Blender Duo
4. Make-Up Brush Cleansing Cloths


Here's what I thought of each product: 

1. The Full Powder Brush. My first impression of the brush is that it is super soft! I find this brush to be really good for setting and baking your face. I use a translucent loose mineral powder to set my face and this brush does the job quite nicely because of it's size. The brush itself is dense enough to pick up product really well, but at the same time it's fluffy enough to sheer out the product if you'd like to. I also love that this brush is very thick sturdy while the handle is still comfortable to hold and work with.


2. 6 Piece Starter Collection. The brushes are super soft on the skin and I haven't experienced any shedding, so that's a plus! It's a really great set to put in your purse and have it for touch ups in case of emergencies! Two of the brushes seem interchangeable to me because they are practically the same size, but that's okay.

3. Perfecting Blender Duo. This was my favorite part of the voxbox! I really love these blenders. They are a little firmer than some beauty blenders on the market, but if you wet them and then apply your makeup -- they are super soft. It's great that they come in two different sizes, but I'm hoping they will eventually sell the bigger blender on it's own in a two pack because it's my favorite of the two.

4. Make-Up Brush Cleansing Cloths. These cloths are meant to wipe your brushes after you use them. Overall, I like them and I think that they're good for a quick surface clean, but they shouldn't replace your weekly deep clean of brushes. You have to rub the brush on the cloth for awhile until product actually comes off the brush. They're nice to have for a quick clean, but I don't think I'll be purchasing or using them very often.


This voxbox was really fun to try out and overall I felt like the products they sent me were pretty useful! Thank you to Influenster for the free EcoTools. Up until this box, I had seen EcoTools in the store, but never used their products. I'll be looking to their products next time I'm in need of a beauty tool!

 Note & Disclaimer 
the rate given in this blog post is my personal & honest opinion. 
again, I received all these products from Influenster for FREE.

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