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Christmas + Birthday Wishlist

Every year my husband asks me what I want for Christmas and every year I direct him to this blog because I need to sit and think about it for a bit -- and this year is no different in that regard! Here I am sitting thinking and curating a list that he can go off of. 

I hope to get more crafty this following year by learning a few new things: how to crochet, knit, and sew as well as felting nature / woodland elements, making dollhouse furniture + making Waldorf dolls. So, my wishlist this year reflects all of these interests. My birthday is a month after Christmas Eve, so I'm curating this list with both days in mind. 

Personal List

Set of 17 Play Silks :: I've been eyeing this set for a while now. I use them in the classroom, as backdrops in photos, and as bandanas while the boys use them as capes + during their imaginary play. I just love this brand and everything about them.  *bought this for myself when it was 70% off.

Candle Holders :: decor for the table that I have been eyeing.

Light Branch (2) | Dark Branch (2) | Yellow Star

Sewing Machine :: getting kind of courageous by asking for this, but I really want to learn how to sew and crochet to make little animal critters for my little guys (and eventually sell?). I read in multiple places that this is one of the better machines for beginners, so I'm gonna trust the pros on this one.

How to Sew | How to Machine Sew | How to Embroider |  Crochet Tips + Techniques | Crochet Kit / Sewing Kit 

Vintage Postcards :: paintings and vintage animal prints, seasonal landscapes, and rural life -- all on postcards. they're my new way of collecting art and I display them during our units at school. I would always love to add to my collection. 

Set 1 | Set 2 | Set 3 | Set 4 | Set 5 | Set 6 

Susan Branch Cookbooks :: I have been eyeing these for a while! 

Autumn Cookbook | Christmas Cookbook | Summer Cookbook | Heart of the Home 

Little House on the Prairie Book Set :: classic literature is such a weakness of mine, I just love how simple this set looks. 

Felting Tools  :: a hobby that I want to pick up!

Felting Kit | Large Felting Pad | Needle Handle | Wool Set 1 | Wool Set 2 | Needle Felting For Beginners

Figurines :: I collect a wide variety of vintage figurines and am always looking for more sweet friends to add to the collection. I've linked several examples and lists below to give to an idea of what I love. Basically, anything that looks like Hummel figurines, gnomes (except the kind with the hats covering their eyes), woodland + farm animals, dressed-up mice, fairy garden houses that look like cottages, or historical little village buildings are my favorite. 

Mice | Mama Duck + Ducklings | Thrush Nightingale | Small Landscape + Animal Paintings | Gnome | Black Bear CubPenguin 

... that's basically it. LOL. obviously, this is a list of ideas, but it's good to keep in mind that I love little vintage trinkets, art, and you know what they say -- a diamond is a girl's best friend, so that's always a good gift too. 

so, yah, that's the list. I feel like I will be getting most of these in time. I really want to get crafty this coming art, and if I can fine-tune one of these skills, I'd love to start up a little Etsy shop where I can sell the crafts. Time will tell and I hope to keep you posted!

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