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good friday; a reflection.

it's good friday.
and I keep thinking -- how many people in positions of “power” do we know of that would give up their lives to save the world? how many kings would leave all the splendor of their kingdom knowing full well that they would be mocked, beaten, and killed?

I don’t know about you, but I only know of one.

His name is Jesus.

the story of Jesus is full of miracles and wonderful things, but one of the things that consistently leaves me in tears is thinking about this moment.


it’s dark outside.
on a cross next to two criminals.

one of which is taunting you.
the people who are watching below mock you.
the government officials are laughing at you.

your earthly mother watching alongside your brothers with tears in her eyes.
your closest friends are standing there in disbelief.
your Heavenly Father, though you know He is there, has fallen silent.

“Father, forgive them, they know not what they do”


I cannot imagine how He must have felt. the whole world on His shoulders. how much love must have been pouring out of His heart to pray for those who were persecuting Him at that moment? 

His heart must have been shattered into a million pieces as He watched those He came to love and save scoff at His suffering.

a lion-like love pouring out of the Lamb of God to a world so undeserving. 

that love was meant for you and me friend.
I hope you choose to come to the altar of God and feel His love today, tomorrow, and forevermore because He loves you so very much.

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