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Gifts for Grandparents


Today we're talking about spoiling the patriarchs and matriarchs of the clan because if we're being honest, without them, we wouldn't be here. I've rounded up two guides with gifts that will make any grandparent smile, so let's take a look. 

Before we jump in, just two more things... 

#1 -- If you decide that you want to purchase a Beauty Counter skincare product from this guide, would you mind buying through my link -- click here. I recently started my partnership with them in the pursuit of using cleaner beauty products and helping others to do the same (read more about my why + the great switch by clicking here).

#2 -- as always, I need to insert the disclaimer here in my quest to be completely transparent with you all.  some links listed are affiliate links which means I do make a small amount of commission if you purchase through them. There is never any pressure to buy anything through them, but when and if you do, each purchase does help support me + my sweet little family and we are so thankful for your support. 

okayyyyyy. now to the guides! 

Gifts for Grandmothers

cutting board

coin necklace 

nana sign

flannel robe

nana mug

fern candle

soft sole slippers

pressed flower hanging

mini beautycounter countertime regimine

pie dish

silk pillowcase

silk eye mask

cookie jar / canister set

embroidered apron

spatula set 

leather gloves

Gifts for Grandfathers 

best granpa mug

#1 sweater

meat and cheese gift box

pistachio pedestal 

bedside essential pocket



hooked on grandpa sign

nail grooming kit

hair trimmer

counterman aftershave tonic

shaving kit

if grandpa can't fix it keychain

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