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Gift Guides For The Men In Your Life

Hey y'all, it's day two of my gift guide series and since we talked about gifting the ladies yesterday, it's only fitting that we talk about gifting the men today. I hope you enjoy this series and are inspired by the guides I've whipped up today. 

As always, I want to insert my famous disclaimer here -- some links listed are affiliate links which means I do make a small amount of commission if you purchase through them. There is never any pressure to buy anything, but when and if you do, each purchase does help support me + my sweet little family. 

If you decide that you want to try + purchase Beauty Counter skincare products from these guides, would you mind buying through my link -- click here. I recently started my partnership with them in the pursuit of using cleaner beauty products and helping others to do the same (read more about my why + the great switch by clicking here). 

For Him :: Husband | Dad | Boyfriend

◨ Slippers 

Countermen Fresh Essential Bundle

Flannel Robe

Fossil Watch


Green Bluetooth Speaker

Leather Sneaker


Yeti Mug


Chess Set

Countermen Shaving Cream

Baseball Cap

Duck Boots

Nose Hair Trimmer

Counterman Body Wash


Water Bottle

Silk Tie

Teen :: Brother | Son | Guy Friend 


Mario Bro Sweaters

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Mini Pool Table

Tennis Shoes


Darth Vader Device Holder

Bluetooth Speaker

Millennium Falcon Wireless Charger

Pac Man Mug

Hot Sauce Set

Dickies Beanie

Counterman Exfoliating Cleanser


Water Bottle

Coffee Bar Soap

Muscle Massager 

Little :: Boy | Brother | Nephew

Train Set

Dinosaur Island

Little Patient 

Gas Station

Wooden Binoculars 

Wooden Guitar

Sling Shot

Taco Truck

Wooden Tradesmen 

Fishing Set

Eco Bricks

Wooden Hero Set


Wooden Block Set

Stories of Adventure

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