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Fall Diffuser Blends

Hiiiiiii friends, this week's post is dedicated to cozy fall diffuser blends. If you didn't already know, I'm signed up with young living and love them. I barely share about it because didn't want people to think that I am just trying to constantly sell them something. It's something I struggle with, but have decided that because I love using oils, I will share more about them. I am no longer avoiding things that people may not like. It's been a process, but I am finally here.

Soooooo, yah! I have been using oils for a while (read about the beginning of my journey here). I tried oils that were on the market and liked them for a while and then I decided that I wanted to sign up under young living because they have a pretty awesome rewards program. I am loving it and after a year of doing this oily life by myself, I'm looking to build a little team of like-minded women.

If you're looking someone to sign up under & for a no-pressure kinda team, you've found it. I am all about ordering oils when you want to order oils and not about the profits. I want to build an authentic team that is weary that oils do not solve all our problems -- but they can help fix a lot of them and aid us in a more toxin-free lifestyle if we're willing and wanting (because that's important too). I also want my little team to be an actual community that talks about more than just oils -- so if you're a winging mom of multiples, love jesus, baking and are curious about + want to try oils. let's get you signed up here.  

Do not hesitate to reach out and ask questions if you have some for me. I'd love to chat, get to know you a bit better, and answer them for you. now, about those fall diffuser blends -- here are some of my favorites.


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