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Black Bear Diner | First Impression + Review

During this time of social distancing and quarantining, mealtime is something that we look forward to because it another way to spend time with the family that doesn't include technology. Even though we're at home ALL day long, spending time cooking seems to be harder than it was before. My kids are bouncing off the walls from being stuck inside all day and it makes me nervous to cook full-blown meals when they are running through the kitchen trying to grab and see what's on the counter.

On the most hectic of days, we turn to take out / delivery for peace of mind. Last night was one of those nights and we tried Black Bear Diner in an attempt to branch away from our typical pizza joint / burger place nearby. & y'all let me just say -- it was delicious.

We opted for the family to go meal that consisted of 4 huuuuuge chicken fried steaks, 4 cornbread muffins, mashed potatoes, fries, and seasonal vegetables. We also added on some salad and mac and cheese to our order for the kids. All I can say was that it was a feast fit for kings -- there was so much food!

I was really impressed that a family meal was so large! It's perfect for a mom whose mini crew eats like mountain men. I really appreciated the fact that the menu had something for everyone. It made feeding picky eaters a breeze.

Black Bear Diner doesn't just have dinner options; they do breakfast and lunch too! Upon browsing the menu, I feel like I am going to have to try all their options because everything on the menu sounded so delicious -- see the menu here. In short, we were all super satisfied with Black Bear Diner and are looking forward to ordering from them again especially when the quarantine / social distancing orders seem to be extending into May.

If you're wondering about Black Bear Diner in relation to where you are -- click here. You can order online and choose take out / delivery depending on what your local authorities permit you to do during these social distancing days. It's a great option on a day when you want a good meal and don't have the energy to crank out any kitchen trinkets.

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