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The Blog Hotline: 3 Instagram Story Hacks

Hiiiiiii loves! A few months ago, I shared an Instagram story hack that helps spike up profile views --I've linked that post here if you're interested in giving that a read! It got amazing feedback and I was so happy to hear that a lot of you found it useful! That's exactly why I started this mini-series: to help you become the boss babe you were always meant to be! So, with that being said, I wanted to write a little more about Instagram Stories from a creative creator perspective and share some fun little hacks + tips.

Stories are the perfect way to engage your audience and keep them coming back for more! Now I have a confession to make -- as an influencer and an introverted personality, I find a hard time when it comes to stories. I want to share my life, but have a hard time consoling the idea that sharing isn't oversharing.

While I love influencing, I am just not the type of person to just blab to my phone for the views. There are several amazing influencers that I look up to that have this gift of getting on their stories and making ramen sound like gold. It's a gift that I wish I had, but I don't and I have to force myself to show my face.

This is where influencing gets "hard" for me, so I do what I love most and try and make the stories pretty because graphic design is where I geek out. I love making them pretty and neat, hoping it keeps y'all coming back to watch.

My Favorite Apps For Editing Instagram Stories

Here's a little list of some of my favorite apps to help me edit stories and make them look a little pretty. Some of these are now apps that you have to subscribe to because they've become so popular. They have a few free features to them, but the prettier you want to make it, it ends up costing a $20 a year fee to use all the features. In my opinion, it's worth it, but it's up to you if you want to invest in the subscription!

Story Templates

▸ Unfold
▸ Over
▸ Canva
▸ Mojo
▸ Tezza
▸ Story Luxe
▸ Dazzle
▸ StoryArt
▸ StoryChic
▸ Instastories

Adding Text To Your Slides / Photos

▸ A Design Story
▸ Word Swag
▸ Story Swag
▸ Phonto
▸ Hype Type
▸ Type Art
▸ InFont
▸ Typorama

Cool Instagram Built-In Features

If you're not into having a bunch of apps on your phone and spending a ton of time going from app to app, here are small things you can do to make your stories in the app. I'm going to make these tips pinnable sheets, so you can save them to your phone and have a step by step guide at your fingertips.

Feel free to share these tips via pinning them on Pinterest or sharing them on your own IG stories to spread the word -- but please tag me if you do share! I'm @mainlymarta on all social media platforms.

Copying Photos From Photo Album and Pasting Them to Your Story 

This is a perfect way to make collages without using any other apps besides Instagram! Another feature I really love is that you can do so much with colors in stories!

See How Many People Reshared Your Post On Their Story 

Change Background Color of Stories

want a better color selection? I got you... 

so these are three little hacks that I use all the time. I have a few more tips up my sleeve that I will share with you all because it makes me so happy when you guys reach out and let me know you're using my tips or respond to a sticker asking me to cover a certain topic. I know that some people charge for this info and keep it secret, but I'm out here trying to be the change. I really believe that there is room at the table for everyone to succeed and am honored to be able to be a helping part of your story. I really appreciate the DMs, emails, and messages you send my way. thank you so much for being part of my little community. 

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