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The Blog Hotline :: Hype Around IG Algorithm & Updates

Don't buy into it -- bloggers panic every time Instagram rolls out another update and I’ve been on the Instagram since 2010 with rumors constantly going every year that IG is “cracking down” on pods & engagement pages. But you guys, it’s not true. They just want you to stay away from 3RD party apps, automated likes, etc. I mean, this is not news to anyone, it’s in their community terms and we're just trying to beat the system because the updates do impact micro-influencers negatively.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not criticizing my fellow micro-influencers for trying to be seen in a supersaturated network. I'm right there with everyone and am trying to be seen / compete too, but I am over the freakouts over the updates. I've stopped freaking out and observing what works and what doesn't. I've tried to find practical ways to engage.

Is Telegram Safe?

No. Personally, I would stay away from Telegram all together — Instagram will be able to see that you’re coming in the app and then getting out, coming back in, liking one photo at a time -- they can see this pattern even if you remove the "?igsheild-mumbojumo" part of the link! Especially when you only have 2 hours to complete a drop on telegram nd now the 24-hour groups are not practical either because you should not be liking 300+ posts at a time anyways.

Is There Hope?

Yes. I used Telegram + LikeItAll in the past and would be hit with a ban every other week as soon as IG published their, latest update. so I’m sticking to engagement pages on IG and I’ve been fine since the update with no action block just by trying to mimic actual human behavior. IG is looking for mass liking + commenting and banning people for doing that because that looks suspicious. so if you’re really wanting to be “SAFE” do not use telegram AT ALL. The key with Instagram is mimicking human behavior and not copying the link every day.


◎ don’t copy your link — from the browser, from the app.
◎ find threads that give you at least or more than 24 hours to engage.
complete 20 to 30 likes at a time, take a 10 min break, go back and engage.
don't exceed more than 500 likes / 300 comments a day
find threads where you have to explain what you want boosted.
on FB group threads, instead of copying the link from browser and posting it, type out — I’ve noticed that they hide / remove comments that are links that are copied from the browser.
don’t do anything too fast — liking, comment, liking comments on your own photos, following, direct messaging people, etc.
make sure not all your pictures have the same amount of likes on them because followers typically like some posts more than others and if they all have the same number on them it looks like you’re engaging artificial comments + likes.
if you’re in an IG pod, don’t send the photo to the group, screenshot it
pods should have more talking and interaction throughout the day — talk, connect, don't just send emojis and photos. cultivate relationships and connections because anything else might place a flag on your account.
pods should always stay away from the word new, I’ve heard that’s been flagged — not sure if it’s true but best to be safe than be sorry.

Bottom Line

JUST BE SAFE AND ACT LIKE THE HUMAN THAT YOU ARE ON AN APP THAT HAS STARTED LOOKING MORE INTENTLY AT PATTERNED SUSPICIOUS BEHAVIOR! oh, and have fun while you’re doing it because beside the side hustle, we really should be making those connections and friends on the app too.
As always, I hope you've found this blog post helpful! I'd love to hear what you're doing to beat the algorithm, what you've observed and any tips you might have in the comments!

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