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Review :: Lorena Canals Rug

If there's one thing I love, it's items that I can through in the wash because lately my toddler decided that it's okay to use E V E R Y T H I N G as his personal napkin. I was told that kids were messy and that having white / light colors in our home would be problematic, but of course, whites and beige is my dream color palette, so a few warnings didn't stop me.

I was invested in a trendy home, but also in finding things that weren't high maintenance -- annnnnd in swoops of Lorena Canals Rugs. Get this you guys... a rug that you can throw in the washer! I literally did a happy dance when I stumbled upon their Instagram and saw allllll the cute designs.

I love this rug so much. It's eco friendly 100% cotton and it's amazingly soft. I find pretty much any excuse I can to go step on it -- it's that great. Honestly, softness aside, I cannot get over the fact that I've thrown it in the was several times since received and it still looks as amazing as when it came! I cannot get over how happy I am with this product.

If you have a rug obsession like I do -- please please please check out Lorena Canals Rugs!

* product received compliments of brand, but review is my honest and personal opinion. 

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