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Day 12 of #BLOGMAS :: Gift Guide for Siblings [ Cool Gadgets / Toys ]

I have a total of 6 siblings total and most of them are in the preteen - teenager stage. If you have family members of that age, you may know the struggle that comes with buying them a gift. I feel like the older they become, the more picky and particular they become -- especially when it comes to presents. Here are a few gadgets and toys that may appease this choosy age group.

  1. Complex LEGO Set :: Big Ben 
  2. Bean Bag :: Cat Faux Fur Chair 
  3. Gel Pens :: Tanmit 240 Gel Pen Set
  4. iPhone / iPod Case :: Pink Sprinkled Donut Case
  5. Instant Camera :: Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 8
  6. Nerf Gun :: NERF Doomlands The Judge Gun
  7. Desk Lamp :: 3D R2-D2 Lamp
  8. Knit Hat / Beanie :: C.C. Thick Cable Knit Pom Beanie
  9. FoosBall Table :: Sport Squad FX Table 
  10. Fun Make Up Brushes :: UPLOTER 7 Piece Make Up Brush Set 
  11. Waffle Maker :: Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker 
  12. Headphones :: iClever Kids Cat Headphones
  13. Drone :: Spider Stunt Drone 
There you have it -- 13 gift ideas to get for the people that we can't live without, even when they're a pain in our sides. What are you getting your tween and teen siblings this year? 


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