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5 Things You Need In Your Work Space

I don't know about you, but I feel like my workspace reflects the kind of person I am and my character. I like things to be in order, but I also like to express myself through the things that are on my desk. Those things will define the type and quality of work I will produce. It may sound silly, but the items on my desk really help to set the mood -- in other words, I tend to work best when the things on my desk reflect the state of mind I am in. Here are 5 things that I find I always want around when I need to get creative!

Item One :: Fresh Blooms
I feel like this a must -- not only because they're pretty to look at, but because they add a sense of freshness to the room. Before I turned twenty, I found flowers cliche and pointless. I don't know when or where, but somewhere along the line, I found myself always wanting fresh blooms inside my home. There's just something about them that radiates happiness. 

Item Two :: A Cup of Coffee (or Tea) 
I think it's say that I'm a coffee / tea person. I love sipping on something while I get creative, work on a project, read, plan and research. I'm not an addict (as I can go days without coffee or tea), but I find that I work best when I have a cup on my desk -- it's almost like a comfort type of thing. As I think back on my "aha" moments, I specifically remember that cup of coffee that helped me along the way. 

Item Three :: Candle
CANDLES. Oh, I love them so! I can never have to many of these things. There would be a candle on every surface in the house if I had my way. I'm a sucker for packaging and some candles come in the cutest containers that often become a great home decor item. It's just a bonus that they smell so good!

Item Four :: Art 
I really feel like the art that you have in the room also helps set the mood. I love dozing off while I brainstorm and having a piece of art in the room to inspire you is perfect. It doesn't have to be a painting though -- it could be a snow globe, a mini statue / figurine, a motivational scripted quote or something that you created yourself. 

Item Five :: Supplies
Notebooks, pens, a planner, cute stationary, highlighter, stickers, and a stapler! I really love having my workspace equipped because there are times when I get an idea and I just want to create. The best work gets done when it's naturally spontaneous. There is nothing worse than having a creative vibe die because you don't have what you need. 

When it comes to a workspace, I want it to be organized and tidy because if I'm honest, I am a messy worker. Paper usually goes flying everywhere and I tend to have what seems like a million start ups! It's rather ridiculous, but I sometimes shudder at all the paper I waste when I start up a project. I think in color, so I keep the hues in the room white and minimal so I can picture color in my projects without it clashing with the walls. My workspace defines my thought processes and the way I operate -- especially when I'm under pressure. It's self expression all while being a place of comfort and where the creative juices flow. 


graceandfoxtails said...

I love these! Give me all the blooms and candles! Totally make for a creative mind and a fresh canvas.

Unknown said...

Yes I totally agree! Great list Marta! <3

Unknown said...

Yes I totally agree! Great list Marta! <3

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