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What started as a digital diary to document a newfound journey as a stay at home mom / wife has quickly evolved into my own little corner on the internet where I share all that life brings my way -- the good, the bad, and everything in between. Thanks for stopping by; I hope you stay awhile!


Thank you for your interest in collaborating with me! 

You may reach me directly via email at contact@mainlymarta.com

Please understand that blogging takes a lot of time and work -- at least on my part. It is a different process for every blogger. I typically spend about 3-4 hours amount of work for every blog post between preparing, actual shooting, editing of images, writing, and promoting to my network of readers. 

I take my blogging very seriously and I hope you noticed the quality of the work I put out there. Due to this, I am unable to accept brand introduction requests by means of simply writing about it and using pictures submitted or from its website, without compensation or for "trial run" to possibly sponsor me. 

I also would like to mention that all my "collaborative" post are written on a first come, first served basis -- I do this as a way to be fair and to keep myself organized. If your brand has certain dates that you'd like me to abide to, I will do my best to make it happen, but please keep in mind that I may not be able to make it happen as another brand has taken up that time slot. 

I also do not currently do any link exchanges.


If you are an online boutique owner, a designer, or a brand and would like to have your products featured here, you are more than welcome to send me some samples. Repetition is the key to any successful marketing. Therefore, two or more features work better than just one. A variety of items for separate features is highly recommended.

 Please keep in mind the following: 

  • I prefer to select the items myself as this will allow me to project your product better in the pictures and promote it well. 

  • Please also keep in mind that even if the products are considered as a gift, I will review it, as well as your service, with unbiased opinions. Readers trust their bloggers for the brands they represent so to have a good review and a good relationship, please treat me as if I were a customer. I will, however, contact you if I have any concerns prior to writing any review. 

  • Please also keep in mind that since I put work into the product reviews, the samples will be considered as a gift/compensation for the work I have put into it and will not be returned. It is in my best interest to promote your brand to the best of my ability. 

  • Please also keep in mind that I know my readers; therefore if you're looking for multiple features, please trust that I will highlight your product when I think is the optimal / prime time to do so. 

  • Please note that I reserve the right to put additional, similar options next to your link. 


I love giving back to my readers and I always welcome and appreciate any brands who are willing to sponsor one or be a part of a big giveaway that I am doing. However, I prefer to always introduce the brand by integrating your items on any of my outfits, prior to agreeing to host or include your item on a giveaway. This is on a case-to-case basis though so please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. The item you would want to giveaway must be related to fashion, beauty, motherhood, parenting and a wholistic home lifestyle. A certain minimum retail value is required. The higher the value of the item you're giving away the better chances your brand will get entries.


I am open to writing a dedicated post about your brand or company for a specific reasonable rate. I do prefer to to write the article myself but you can always give me an idea of where you would like the post to be built around. However, if you would rather submit the article, the article must have not been published on other sites/blogs and must be professionally written. If you opt to submit an article, I reserve the right to modify it and add to it. 


If you would like a banner ad placed on the sidebar, please email me for spots available and the rates.
If you have other ideas for collaboration that I have not mentioned here, please pitch it anyways! If you're ready to proceed, contact me.


During my few years of blogging, I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with numerous brands. I am so grateful for the opportunities that these companies have given me. Below are just some of the ones I have worked with to give you an idea. Each of the logos below is owned by the respective brand.

& many many more !


To continue providing you with fresh and relevant outfit posts and content showing you different styles and trends, this blog accepts sponsorships from brands, companies, and designers in the form of clothing and other fashion and beauty-related items such as jewelries, accessories, handbags, and shoes as well as children and baby gear, toys and clothes. The sponsored items will normally be marked as c/o (courtesy of). The opinions written on sponsored items are 100% my own. From time to time, I may also accept a writing assignment promoting or reviewing a particular product, designer, or brand with monetary compensation which will be fully disclosed. Most giveaways on this blog are also sponsored and prizes are normally delivered directly to the winner.


I reserve the right to accept advertisers and place their banner ads as I see fit and based on our rate agreement or x number of goods/month. Only advertisers that are related to fashion, beauty, motherhood, parenting, children and baby gear are currently accepted. From time to time, I may also incorporate some affiliate links on blog posts where I see fit. These are programs that I joined where I will be compensated whenever someone clicks on the link or makes a purchase (depending on which program I use).


I respect your privacy. Your information upon registering on the site to make a comment or subscribe to new posts via email will not be sold to any third party. In some occasions such as giveaways, you will be asked to fill out a form with a notice for consent that your information will be "passed" (not sold) on to the sponsors for their marketing purposes.


All images are owned 100% by mainlymarta.com. Photos and content may not be used without prior written permission. Please contact me if you wish to use the photos with a link back to this blog.

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