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Brand Review | Mustela

As a new mom, I trust Mustela the most when it comes to taking care of my son and his soft baby skin. I'm not one of those moms to be reading every label on every product that touches my son, but I'm also not the mom to slather everything on him and pray that it goes well. I'd like to think that I fall somewhere in between!

Mustela has been around since the 1950s and claims that their products "do not contain any parabens, phenoxyethanol, phtalates or alcohol." That sounds great right? Who'd want their child exposed to all those chemicals? Mustela's Bebe line makes it their mission to have 92% of their ingredients be of or from a natural origin -- that means that all their ingredients are either natural or come from nature -- can I get a yay for plant based products?! Their website talks about how the products they put out on the market have to undergo a series of strict tests before they hit the shelves because safety is one of their top priorities. 

I really love that their product line was made for  people with sensitive skin in mind. Felix doesn't have very sensitive, but I still like to take precautions -- just in case. Mustela isn't only just amazing for the skin, it also smells AUH-MAZING. The pleasant smell helps make the unpleasant surprises in your little's diaper a little more bearable!


Here Are Several Products I Love From This Brand:

Physiobebe No Rinse Cleansing Fluid.  I use this almost every morning on my sweet babe's face. It's a great refresher and cleanser that you don't have to wash off which makes me one happy mama and the little one happy baby because I'm not constantly rubbing his face with a cloth or my hand! It's really time efficient because all you have to do is pump a few times on a cloth and wipe -- waaa laaaa! Your baby's face is left feeling super soft, looking super clean, and smelling all kinds of great!

Hydra Bebe Lotion. This lotion smells amazing -- it's the best smelling baby lotion on the market in my opinion. I love that it's intended to be a daily moisturizer, so if you're little one has dry skin in the winter, this would be perfect to use because it's not greasy and really sinks into the skin. The lotion itself is so moisturizing that sometime I lather my hands with it. 
Foaming Shampoo For Newborns. I've been using this little bottle for 4 months and I love it. It came with a care package I received from my mom when Felix came home from the hospital and I can honestly say this is my go to shampoo right now. It's meant to prevent and treat cradle cap -- and  so far it's been working!

Diaper Wipes.  I keep these wipes in my baby bag at all times! They smell amazing like all the other I've mentioned thus far. They're  decent size and they are heavy duty wipes. When I saw "heavy duty" I mean that they won't be torn if you tug on them a little. I use these as a refresher for my little when we're out and I don't have the cleansing fluid handy. They're soft and gentle on the skin which makes these wipes more than just "diaper" wipes. They are by far my favorite wipes to use!


Personally, I really love Mustela as a brand. I've noticed that while the brand's aim is to have 92% of the ingredients in their products be of natural origin, they usually surpass that and are normally over 96% -- this makes me a very happy mama. There's nothing better than knowing that the products you are using for your child will not hurt them in the long run. 

I will note that most of their products are pretty expensive it bough on their owns, so I usually buy them in bundles and/or wait for them to go on sale at Target. Even though they may be on the spendy side, I think you get your moneys worth with these products and they typically last a very long time! 


I hope you've found this review somewhat helpful. 
What products/brands do you use & trust? 
I'd love to hear about them! Let me know in the comments! 


This post was not written for compensation or reward. 
All comments made about the products in this post are my own.

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