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6 Baby Must Haves

When it comes to shopping for your baby (especially when you're pregnant for the first time), things can get a little overwhelming. When I walked in to a Babies R Us for the first time with my husband, we were taken aback a bit -- it's a big store with lots of stuff in it. 

It is just me or do a lot of things on the baby market seem tedious? Things like a baby wipe warmer... I mean really? I feel like that's just a waste of money. Maybe I'm a bad parent, but I don't feel like a baby wipe warmer is must have. Sorry little babe, life is cruel -- there isn't always time to warm up a baby wipe.

Here are six things that have made my life as a first time mom a little bit easier and I feel are worth every penny I spent.

Chicco LullaGo Deluxe Bassinet. I bought this in the color charcoal from Babies R Us and I loved it from the moment I brought baby home. I didn't want to buy a crib because they looked super big to me and I wanted to have something in my room to put the baby in. I was one of those moms who didn't want to leave the room when it came time to breastfeed at night. It's a super spacious bassinet and is very light weight. Needless to say, I still use this bassinet at four months going on five. It's great for when I have to do something and need to put the baby down. I can use the toilet in peace without worrying he'll roll over and fall off the bed. I also really love the cute little birds that float at the top. My little loves looking and talking to them!
Ingenuity Baby Base 2 in 1 Booster Seat. It's in the color slate and it's the cutest baby seat I've ever see. I didn't want a bumboo or bumbee (whatever you call those foamy seats that everyone has) because they seemed too foamy for my liking. This seat has foam and it isn't to soft, just enough padding for your little so they aren't sitting on hard plastic. I love the tray that comes with the seat even if it's a little hard to snap in and out of place. I'm so excited for when my little starts to eat finger foods and I can watch him pick it off the tray. Another thing I absolutely love about this seat is that when it gets tight and uncomfy, the foam is removable! It becomes a booster seat -- that comes with straps that you can use to make the seat extra safe! I opted for this seat because I read on Amazon that the bumboo trays get moldy after awhile and that grossed me out. This tray is a solid tray with no holes where water can go through, so it seem like the better of the two. 

Baby Trend Go Lite Snap and Go Travel System. Let me just start off by saying that I loooooove this travel system. It is so useful and so practical, I really don't have any complaints about it. It's very light weight and I love that you can just snap in the car seat on the base and go! That was just a great feature for the first 4 months of the little's life because we didn't have to wake him every time we had to get out of the car, but also didn't want to haul the clunky car seat around. Now that he's bigger and more alert we're utilizing the seat/bassinet feature and that's been such a blessing. I can go from playtime to nap time in a matter of seconds! We opted to buy a travel system for two reasons, #1 being it is the most cost efficient to buy them in a bundle like this. #2 was because I wanted to have a bassinet on wheels for on the go. A lot of people told me that you don't need the bassinet feature, but I just really wanted one. I am proud to say that I stood my ground and found this stroller because I really enjoy making the stroller into a bassinet when I'm at the mall or at the park -- my little one always sleeps more when he's laying on his back instead of leaning towards the side of an upright seat! 

Skip Hop Silver Lining Activity Gym. I really wanted my little one to have a play gym/ activity mat, but hated the ones I saw in the stores because they were all too colorful -- I don't know if it's just me, but I found that they looked like rainbows had vomited all on them and they were super harsh on the eyes. They were all hideous looking. After going to several stores to look at the play gyms, my last resort was to go looking on Amazon and hoping to find something that I would like. Alas! I stumbled upon this gem. First of all, I loved the colors of this mat: so soft and yet still colorful. Second, I adore the little cloud pillow and the 5 toys that come with it. They are all sky themed and super adorable! I loved the toys so much that I went and bought my little a set of three more sky toys and a moon rattle (links for the play gym included) off of Amazon! Skip Hop's designs are really oh so sweet, I wish I would have known about this brand earlier. 

Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing: Abbington. This swing was one of the only swings on the market that I liked to be honest. All the other ones didn't seem very sturdy and they were (again) to colorful. I don't know what happened to the color beige and softer colors because baby products are now plagued by pinks and greens that are unattractive in my opinion!  Another reason I felt like this swing was one for us was because it was they only one that actually looked like a swing. It sways from side to side which I wasn't fond of at first, but all the other ones did the same. The same of this swing screams safe to me. There weren't any extra gadgets or metal parts that were hanging off of it and that appealed to me -- an old fashioned swing. This product is a life saver. If you buy only one thing from this list -- buy yourself a swing... for your sanity's sake! 

Graco Duet Rocker. I loved this product (and I still do) when the little one was a newborn because it was an easy way to keep an eye on him when I wasn't in the bedroom. It's a rocker, but it also has these handles that are used as a stand just in case you don't want it to rock. I love the fact that at 5 months, I am still using this rocker! It's a simple product that I can place anywhere knowing my little with be safe. A lot of times, I'll put the babe in the rocker and place it on the counter when he's sleeping. I'll make breakfast and then as soon as I want to eat, the little wakes up... this rocker makes it so easy to eat and tend to the little. I just love it! 

If you haven't noticed by now, I have an eye for neutral tones and unisex colors for my baby products because I want more babies and I want to be able to reuse all the things I have bought for my current little with the next one! I also just realized that I have a sky theme going which I think is pretty cute! 

So, yeah! These are the products that have made mommyhood easier for me! What products worked for you? Let me know in the comments! 

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